Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Greiving for the Future

November 2, 2010 may become a memorial of shame for all the people in the United States that do not vote. When I think of the people who suffered, fought and died young and/or reprehensible deaths so that everyone in this nation could vote I cry. But I wail when I hear people say "I don't vote". Especially when it is a person of color. I don't see how they dare to sleep, how in the world do you justify this stance? Even if you don't think your voice counts, not to say anything is a sure way not to have it count. Do you think the world or your neck of the woods will change if you don't try? The only way the politicians will know what you are thinking is if you say something and one sure way to get their attention is to vote, write letters and make phone calls. Telling your friends or family (unless they are in the government) won't change anything.
Vote for heaven's sake!