Monday, April 17, 2006

Who Helps the Small Consulting Business?

Not MoDOT!!! I went to the report on the Disparity Study completed (by an firm from outside MO). There were only a handful of attendees. The conclusions were those that I would have expected. Mustardseed Cultural and Environmental Services, LLC is registered on the MoDOT vendor list as a DBE and our State M/WBE is also in their file. But, when we go to the districts to try and find out who we can speak to for small - less then $25,000 SERVICE/Consulting jobs we get the run around. All of the lists appear to be for contractors and suppliers. We know that environmental impact studies and assessments are done prior to highway construction jobs, but we never hear about them. I would imagine that it is the same for small design/engineering firms. What do we do?